Morning Has Broken

Project Synopsis

A young runaway girl moves in with a seemingly harmless, elderly, Academy Award-winning songwriter. It all seems perfectly normal...until his dark side unleashes a chain reaction of ghastly events.

Project Notes

This film is a true, extremely disturbing story. Definitely a dark drama. If you are uncomfortable with the content, please do not submit. Not every scene is explicit, although there are some with profanity, nudity, sexual assault, and drug use. Not for the faint of heart.


Hey talent, 

Thank you for your time. We've received a ton of great submissions and are asking for video auditions from each of you before we proceed with scheduling in-person auditions, then possibly a call-back. The sides should be attached to the character breakdown. If you have trouble accessing them, contact:

Please take your time to get the video audition right, but the sooner you submit the better, as we are receiving tons of submissions. Be creative. Improvise. Show us personality. You’re competing with a lot of talented actors.

If it’s possible, please upload your video audition to youtube or vimeo, you can make the video private, just please include the password with the link when you send it on over. As a last resort you can dropbox or wetransfer your videos. I say last resort because we are receiving a heavy amount of submissions, and the video files are taking up a bunch of space. So online youtube/vimeo links are preferred.

Please put “[CASTING WEBSITE]: [YOUR NAME]: Video Audition: [CHARACTER NAME]" in the subject line, and also label the video itself this exact same way. This is helpful in organizing the videos in the right folder, before we actually get to viewing them. If your video isn’t in the right folder, it’ll take longer to get around to your audition.

Good luck and we look forward to checking out your auditions.