The Big Short (2015) [4.5/5]


Four denizens in the world of high-finance predict the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s, and decide to take on the big banks for their greed and lack of foresight.

This is the most ridiculously executed film, and I fucking love it. I fucking love it so much. Adam McKay handled this flawlessly. And I actually learned a lot about the Collapse too. I still probably couldn't explain it verbally, haha...but I can sort of picture it, as a series of events now, in my visuospatial sketchpad.

[I especially love when Sweet Child O' Mine comes flailing out of nowhere with the laugh-track in the background, prior the "synethic CDOs" explanation sequence.]

This is my favorite edited film of the year. But I'm a sucker for Adult Swim (and the editing here was reminiscent), so I suppose my opinion is slightly biased.

Oh, and we can't forget about Batman on the drums.

-Eli Hayes